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Category: Azure

azure backup

Introduction to Azure Files Backup

Azure Files is Microsoft’s robust file storage solution, offering the ability to access data seamlessly from various locations using standard protocols. But in the world of IT, where data is the heartbeat of operations, its ...


AZcopy and GDPR compliance

Introduction In today’s data-driven world, managing information is more crucial than ever. With the constant flow of data, both individuals and organizations are increasingly concerned about privacy and security. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ...

cloud files

Integrating Azure Files with Windows Server

Introduction In today’s digital world, where data is considered the new oil, organizations are consistently looking for efficient ways to store and manage their invaluable information assets. Microsoft’s Azure Files and Windows Server are two ...

a cartoon cloud with a security lock

A Deep Dive into Managing Permissions with AzCopy

AzCopy, a command-line utility designed by Microsoft, is the bridge that links data transfer and data management within Azure. Targeting seasoned professionals, it offers a granular level of control, especially when it comes to permissions. ...

data lake or blob

Azure Blob Storage Versioning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction In the multifaceted world of cloud computing, managing and safeguarding data becomes paramount. Azure Blob Storage Versioning serves as a pivotal feature within the Microsoft Azure platform, providing the essential capacity to control and ...

azcopy commands

The Essential AzCopy Cheat Sheet

Every Command You Need! AzCopy is a command-line utility designed for copying data to and from Microsoft Azure Blob and File storage. It allows for efficient data transfer, ensuring the integrity of the files and ...

azcopy and azure files

AzCopy and Azure File Sync: How They Work Together

Introduction In the ever-expanding landscape of Azure data management, two powerful tools emerge as essential assets for tech professionals: AzCopy and Azure File Sync. While each has its unique capabilities, together they create an intricate ...

azcopy overview

Common AzCopy Errors and How to Fix Them

AzCopy is a command-line tool provided by Microsoft to transfer data to and from Azure Storage services like Blob, File, and Table storage. It’s a vital tool for IT professionals who handle large-scale data operations, ...

using azcopy

Uploading Files Using AzCopy: A Detailed Technical Guide

Data has become a critical asset in today’s digital era, making its storage, management, and accessibility crucial to many organizations’ operations. Microsoft’s Azure provides a suite of cloud storage solutions designed to address these needs. ...

azure datalake image

Upgrading to Azure Data Lake Gen2: A Seamless Transition

Introduction Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) has been a vital component for organizations aiming to build scalable and secure data lakes. As technology evolves, transitioning from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 to Gen2 has ...