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Welcome to the Squirrel Reseller Program! We’re excited to partner with SharePoint consultants to help businesses enhance their document management with our automated archiving solution. As a reseller, you will earn a percentage of the income from any clients you introduce to Squirrel. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your service offerings and generate additional revenue.

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Benefits of Becoming a Reseller:

  • Increased Revenue: Earn commissions on the clients you refer to Squirrel.
  • Expanded Service Offerings: Provide your clients with a leading document archiving solution.
  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to training and marketing materials designed to help you succeed.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive priority support from our team to assist you and your clients.
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Easy Steps to Become a Squirrel Reseller

  • Sign Up: Begin by completing the reseller application form on our website. This will help us understand more about you and your business.
  • Get Approved: Our team will review your application to ensure it aligns with our program criteria. Once approved, you’ll receive an official welcome and further instructions.
  • Introduce Clients: Start introducing your clients to Squirrel. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools and resources to effectively communicate the benefits of our solution.
  • Earn Commissions: For every client you refer who subscribes to Squirrel, you’ll earn a commission. This commission is a reward for your efforts in helping us grow our customer base.

Commission Payments:

  • Commissions are calculated based on the subscription fees paid by the clients you refer.
  • Payments are made on a regular basis, ensuring you are compensated promptly for your efforts.

Who Can Become a Reseller?

We welcome applications from:

  • SharePoint Consultants: Experts in SharePoint who can identify clients that would benefit from automated document archiving.
  • IT Service Providers: Companies offering document management solutions and looking to expand their service portfolio.
  • Qualified Professionals: Individuals with experience in SharePoint and a network of potential clients.


  • Expertise: A strong understanding of SharePoint and document management solutions.
  • Client Base: Access to a network of businesses that could benefit from Squirrel.
  • Commitment: A dedication to promoting Squirrel and helping clients understand its value.
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About Squirrel

Squirrel is an innovative automated document archiving solution designed specifically for SharePoint Online. It seamlessly moves documents to cost-effective Azure Blob Storage based on predefined lifecycle policies, ensuring efficient and secure document management.

Key Features of Squirrel:

  • Automated Archiving: Squirrel automatically identifies and archives documents based on customizable policies, reducing the manual effort required for document management.
  • Cost Efficiency: By moving documents to Azure Blob Storage, Squirrel helps organizations significantly cut storage costs while maintaining easy access to their data.
  • Seamless Integration: Squirrel integrates smoothly with SharePoint Online, ensuring a hassle-free user experience. The archived documents retain their original file names, with only the extension changed to HTML for easy retrieval.
  • Security: Data security is a top priority for Squirrel. All archived documents are encrypted, and strict authentication measures are in place to protect sensitive information.
  • Easy Rehydration: Users can effortlessly restore archived documents with just a click. Squirrel leaves a stub file in SharePoint, making the rehydration process transparent and simple.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Squirrel provides detailed reports on document archiving activities, helping organizations keep track of their data and storage usage.

By partnering with Squirrel, you can offer your clients a powerful solution to optimize their document management processes, enhance security, and achieve significant cost savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions About Our Reseller Program

Q: How do I sign up? A: To join the Squirrel Reseller Program, simply fill out the application form on our website. Our team will review your application and get in touch with you.

Q: What is the commission structure? A: While we cannot disclose specific commission rates on this page, rest assured that our program offers competitive rewards for your efforts. Detailed information will be provided upon approval.

Q: When will I receive my commission payments? A: Commissions are paid out regularly to ensure you are rewarded promptly for your contributions.

Q: Is there any training provided? A: Yes, we provide comprehensive training and marketing materials to help you effectively promote Squirrel to your clients.

Q: Who can I contact for more information? A: If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach our dedicated reseller support team at [email protected]

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