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SnaPatch – How To

How to use SnaPatch Patch Management Software for Microsoft SCCM

Launch the SnaPatch Application and you are presented with the main Window SnaPatch Main Window
Click the Dashboard Icon to see the history of deployments and any in flight deployments Dashboard Icon
Click the Windows Updates Icon to see all the available updates within your Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager environment. Windows Updates
Click the Schedule Icon to view the schedule tasks you have created. Schedule Jobs
Click the SnaPatch Icon to start the SnaPatch Patch Management Wizard. SnaPatch Icon
From the first window you can see data the machine collections that are from your SCCM environment. SnaPatch Collections
You can right click each server and perform various administration functions: (Remote Desktop, Remote Powershell, Computer Management, Ping, Open/Edit Comments, Show list of missing updates, Show list of installed updates and Computer Details) SnaPatch Right Click
Choose the machines you want to snapshot and deploy patches too and click on Add. SnaPatch Deploy
Once you have chosen all the machines that are ready to be patched, click on the Green Arrow. SnaPatch Next
In the next Window, you can choose Windows Updates you would like to deploy to your chosen servers. SnaPatch Deploy
When you have chosen all the updates you wish to deploy, choose either Create & Deploy Update Group (which will be a new update group you can specify) or Deploy to Existing Update Group. SnaPatch Update Group
For this example, we are choosing an Existing Update Group. Highlight the Group you wish to deploy to and click on Select. SnaPatch Update Group
You will now be prompted to create the deployment schedule. Click on Schedule Job. SnaPatch Schedule
Click on New to start the creation of a new deployment schedule. SnaPatch Schedule
Create the new schedule, keeping in mind, this is when the Snapshots will start and then the deployment will kick off. SnaPatch Schedule
Once you have completed the schedule, click on OK. SnaPatch Schedule
Now we can create the Maintenance Window for deployment. Choose an appropriate duration you would like the maintenance window to run. You will need to factor in additional time for your servers to complete a successful snapshot and for patch deployment. Once you have set an appropriate time frame click on Finish. SnaPatch Maintenance Window
Now this has all been completed your virtual servers will have a snapshot taken and only if this is successful, will updates then be deployed to them all within the maintenance window you have scheduled. SnaPatch Finished
Thats all there is to using SnaPatch Patch Management Software for Microsoft SCCM. If you have setup email notifications, you will receive these throughout the Server Snapshot and Update Deployment Process.