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SnaPatch Patch Management Addon for Microsoft's SCCM

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a great tool for managing your environment. It’s extremely powerful and allows you to deploy updates and software to all your desktops and servers. SnaPatch allows you to make the most out of your investment by doing something SCCM cannot – and that is, interact with your virtual environment. With the ability to communicate and control your Vmware or HyperV environment, SnaPatch will automate a snapshot of your virtual machines prior to any patch deployment.

This ability to interact with VMware and HyperV, allows you to have a reliable and fast roll back position should any of the updates cause a problem.

SnaPatch also retrieves a great deal of information regarding each and every system attached to your SCCM environment. Quickly see the make, model, operating system, service pack level and serial number of any computer. It also provides you a visual representation of the computer or server you have selected along with the patching compliance.

SCCM Screentshots

A few examples showing available details are shown below.

SnaPatch Machine Information Microsoft SCCM

SnaPatch Patch Management for SCCM Machine Information

SnaPatch SCCM Machine Information 3

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