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Squirrel is an advanced document archiving solution for SharePoint Online, leveraging Azure Blob Storage to provide cost-effective, secure, and efficient document management. With customizable lifecycle policies, real-time data insights, and seamless integration, Squirrel helps organizations optimize storage costs, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain compliance effortlessly.

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Make SharePoint Document Storage Cost Effective

Utilize Azure Blob Storage’s cost-efficiency to significantly reduce your storage expenses.

Squirrel seamlessly integrates with your existing SharePoint environment, allowing for an automatic transfer of inactive documents to Azure Blob Storage.

This not only frees up valuable SharePoint space but also significantly lowers storage costs. Squirrel makes it easy to leverage cheaper storage options without sacrificing accessibility or security, optimizing your overall SharePoint budget.

With Squirrel, you gain the dual benefits of cost savings and improved document management efficiency, making it an essential tool for any cost-conscious SharePoint administrator.

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The Squirrel Dashboard serves as your command center, providing a quick and comprehensive view of your document archiving environment. It offers intuitive navigation and real-time data visualizations, allowing you to monitor the status of archived and restored files, view storage usage, and access detailed analytics and reports. This dashboard is designed to simplify management and enhance your operational oversight of Squirrel’s functionalities.


The “Archived Files” section provides a detailed list and status of all documents that have been archived from SharePoint to Azure Blob Storage. Here, users can view file names, archiving dates, and metadata, and gain insights into the archiving frequency and patterns. This section helps in tracking archived documents and ensures easy access to historical data for compliance and auditing purposes.

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In the “Restored Files” section, users can track the documents that have been rehydrated from Azure Blob Storage back to SharePoint. It includes details such as file names, restoration dates, and the users who initiated the restoration. This section is crucial for monitoring the access and usage of archived documents, providing transparency and control over the restoration process.

Get SharePoint Data Insights

Unlock the potential of your SharePoint data with our Data Insights feature. Gain critical insights and analytics that empower your organization to optimize storage, streamline operations, and make informed decisions.

Transform your data management with precision and ease.

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The “Storage Comparison Analytics” section offers a visual and quantitative analysis of your storage savings and efficiency. Compare the storage space utilized in SharePoint versus Azure Blob Storage, and see the cost benefits and space optimization achieved through the archiving process. This analytics tool aids in strategic decision-making regarding data management and cost optimization.


The “Transactions” section logs every action taken within Squirrel, including file archiving, restoration, and any modifications to the settings or policies. This comprehensive audit trail is essential for security, compliance, and operational review, providing a chronological record of activities to support governance and troubleshooting.

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Squirrel vs SharePoint Chart


The “Reporting” section of Squirrel equips you with a suite of tools to generate detailed reports on various aspects of your document management system. From storage utilization and user activity to compliance adherence and operational efficiency, these reports provide valuable insights that help drive better decision-making and improve overall system performance. Tailor reports to meet specific organizational needs and export them for stakeholder review or compliance documentation.

Lowering SharePoint Costs is Effortless with Squirrel.

Optimize your archiving processes, manage storage efficiently, and reduce expenses effortlessly. Squirrel offers an easy-to-implement and user-friendly solution for enhancing your document management, making cost reductions simple and stress-free..

Automated Document Archiving

Squirrel streamlines your document management by automatically transferring documents from SharePoint Online to Azure Blob Storage based on customizable lifecycle policies. This automation ensures your document archiving is consistent and error-free, allowing your IT team to focus on other tasks.

Dashboard and Reporting

Squirrel comes equipped with a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time insights into your archiving activities and storage utilization. This feature helps you monitor performance, track cost savings, and refine your document management strategies based on data-driven insights.

Support and Scalability

Squirrel is supported by a dedicated team ready to assist with any issues, ensuring your document archiving process runs smoothly at all times. As your organization grows, Squirrel scales with you, capable of handling increased document loads without performance hitches.

Advanced Security Features

Squirrel secures your documents with industry-leading encryption protocols both during transmission and while at rest in storage. Additionally, integration with Azure Active Directory ensures that only authenticated users can access documents, maintaining stringent security and compliance standards.

Seamless Integration

Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing SharePoint Online setup, Squirrel provides a plug-and-play solution that requires minimal setup. This seamless integration preserves the user experience and existing workflows, making adoption smooth and straightforward.

Accessibility and Compliance

Archived documents remain fully accessible and searchable through SharePoint Online, ensuring users experience no disruption. Squirrel helps your organization comply with legal and regulatory requirements for document storage, ensuring that you meet industry standards effortlessly.

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions

Utilize Azure Blob Storage’s cost-efficiency to significantly reduce your storage expenses. Squirrel makes it easy to leverage cheaper storage options without sacrificing accessibility or security, optimizing your overall storage budget.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Squirrel’s intuitive interface makes it easy for administrators and users to manage document archiving and rehydrate data as needed. This streamlined approach minimizes administrative tasks, positioning Squirrel as the go-to for efficient document management.

Customizable Lifecycle Policies

Gain full control over your document management policies with Squirrel’s customizable settings. You can set rules based on document age, type, or access frequency, ensuring that documents are archived exactly when needed.

Analyze Your Own Data

Empower your organization with Squirrel’s robust data analysis tools. This feature allows you to delve deep into your own SharePoint data, providing valuable insights into usage patterns, storage efficiency, and operational productivity.

By analyzing your own data, Squirrel helps streamline processes, optimize resources, and make informed decisions that enhance your organizational efficiency within a secure environment.

The insights gained help tailor your archiving strategies to better align with actual usage, improving both cost-efficiency and system performance while maintaining rigorous data security standards.

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