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Azure VM Scheduler (AVMS)

Azure VM Scheduler Splash Screen

If you need to schedule power on’s or shut downs and avoid being charged while your virtual machines are not being used on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler (AVMS) is the tool for you.

AVMS automates scheduled startup and shutdown of Azure Virtual Machines and can perform multiple granular power schedules. Simply select the virtual machines you want to power off or shutdown, create a schedule and AVMS will complete this and notify you via email when the job has started and completed as well as detailing which VMs within Azure you have selected. Popular uses for AVMS include Development and Test environments, where work loads are not required outside of business hours, normally with a reoccurring schedule so you can forget about doing this manually.

As an example, simply selecting all your Development and Test Azure VMs to be shut down outside of business hours at 6:00 PM, then start up again 6:00 AM. They will be ready for your Developers when they come in to the office in the morning and you wont be getting billed for services you are not using.

AVMS performs the following functions;

  • Works with ASM (classic) and ARM (V2) VMs
  • Works across all your subscriptions
  • Receive email notifications when a job starts and completes
  • Easily schedule and manage jobs
  • Schedule Azure VMs to start and stop from within the AVMS console
  • Start and stop multiple ARM VMs simultaneously


Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler Overview

Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler Console

Azure Scheduler Console Screen

From the AVMS main console you can see the virtual machines within your Azure Subscription, check current, scheduled and past jobs, and also change settings like your Azure Subscription Access account and password, your notifications and email settings.

Azure Virtual Machines Window


 The Virtual Machines Icon will launch a new window detailing all the Virtual Machines within your Microsoft Azure Subscription.

Azure VM Scheduler VMs Window

From the Azure Virtual Machine Window lists details pertaining to your virtual machines including;

  • VM Name
  • Status
  • Power Status
  • Azure VM Size (Azure Instance)
  • Operating System
  • Source
  • Service
  • IP Address
  • vNet
  • Virtual Machine Type (ASM v1 or ARM v2)
  • Azure Subscription

Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler Jobs Window

Azure VM Scheduler Jobs Icon

The Jobs Icon within the Azure VM Scheduler will allow you to see current, scheduled and past jobs.

Scheduled Jobs

The Scheduled Jobs will allow you to see the state of any power on or shutdown of Azure Virtual Machines that you have scheduled. You can also

AVMS Jobs Window Scheduled

Right Click on any of the jobs and you can;

  • Enable or Disable the schedule
  • Edit the Schedule
  • Run the Job now
  • Delete the Job
  • Abort the Job while it is running
  • Manage the Job

Azure VM Scheduler Right Click

Job History

The Job History tab details information showing the status of the shutdown downs or power ons. It will also show which Virtual Machines were having issues and the error details.

AVMS Jobs Window

Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler Settings Window

Azure VM Scheduler Settings Icon

The Settings Icon in the Azure VM Scheduler Console allows you to see the following information;

  • Azure Subscription Credentials
  • Notification Settings
  • Email Settings
  • AVMS Registration Settings
  • AVMS version


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