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Cloud Storage Manager

Gain insights into your Azure Storage.

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Cloud Storage Manager

Want to Know Why Your Azure Storage costs have increased?


Azure storage consumption is growing at an incredible pace, even faster than originally predicted. Organisations have an ever-growing data footprint and are therefore eager to take advantage of Azure and it’s limitless supply of storage and resources. However, as an organisation’s storage requirements grow, it’s easy to lose track of where all the storage is being consumed, which also means your Azure Blob storage cost keeps going up often causing cost blowout.

With Cloud Storage Manager you will be able to instantly see where all your storage is going, allowing you to take back control and save money.

Cloud Storage Manager Map View

Visualise your Azure Storage Locations

Cloud Storage Manager provides a World Wide Map of Azure locations showing where your Storage Accounts reside and a quick overview of the consumption of your Azure Blob Storage.As well as the map Cloud Storage Manager also provides several graphs that quickly shows you your Azure storage growth over time.

Each Orange Dot represents an Azure location where you have storage consumed. Simply hover over one of the Azure locations to see a quick overview of the Azure Storage you have at this Azure Datacentre.



Azure Storage Tree view

Cloud Storage Manager provides you with an Azure Explorer like view of all your Azure Blobs and what resides in your Azure Files. From this view you can see details of each individual Blob, including Blob size, date the Azure Blob was created and last modified, as well as what Storage Tiering the Blob currently is in. 

Browse through the Azure Storage Tree to see details and sizing in the Explorer view.

Using this information as well as our reporting you will be able to see that moving these Blobs to a lower storage tier will reduce your Azure costs. 


Azure Storage Environment Overview

From the Overview tab in Cloud Storage Manage you can quickly see information about all your Azure Blob Storage. 

From the number of Azure Subscriptions, Storage Accounts, Containers and Blobs you will see the total amount of Azure Storage you have consumed


Azure Storage Reporting

From the Reports tab in Cloud Storage Manage you can gain further insights in to your Azure Blob Storage Usage and Consumption.

From the many reports available, you can find information like the growth of a particular storage account, to the tiering of the blobs that reside within, or perhaps the last time those blobs have been accessed, plus load more reports on your Azure Storage.


Search your Azure Storage

Easily search all your Azure Storage accounts across your complete Azure Tenancy.

Look for anything in your Blob Storage, from a Storage Account itself, to a Storage Container and of course a Blob.


See your Azure Storage Accounts, Containers, and Blobs Information

 Cloud Storage Manager has different tabs, detailing information including name,  consumption, resource group, Azure Datacentre location as well as the size of the item. 

Each Tab allows you to see information about each item. You can easily identify the biggest Storage Accounts, Containers of Blobs. Easily drill down into each item for further information.

From here, a right click on an item will provide options like jumping directly to the portal.


Scan and Report on your Azure Files Usage


Microsoft Azure Files is an online storage service that allows users to store data on Microsoft’s own storage devices in the cloud.

Azure Files works by storing data in the cloud. This means that when you upload a file to Azure Files, it gets stored in one of Microsoft’s data centers. The data center where the file is stored is determined based on several factors, such as how fast the Internet connection is between your computer and the data center.

The ease of use of Azure Files often leads to data residing in your Storage Accounts, which continuously costs you money

Cloud Storage Manager helps you reduce the costs of your Azure Files, You can also see all your Azure Files consumption across your Azure Subscriptions

 Quickly drill down and find information on each of the Files and Data you have sitting in your Azure Files

SnapShot Master Tick

Search all your Azure Storage Accounts

With Cloud Storage Manager you can quickly and easily Search every one of your Storage Accounts. Perhaps you need to know where a particular File or Blob resides, well Cloud Storage Manager will search your entire Azure Tenancy, through each and every Storage Account for that particular Blob.

SnapShot Master Tick

Scan your Azure Storage Accounts

With Cloud Storage Manager you can quickly and easily scan all your Azure Blob Storage Accounts and see where all your Azure Storage is being consumed and most importantly the areas where you can save money.

SnapShot Master Tick

Report on your Azure Blob and Azure File Storage Consumption

Cloud Storage Manager creates reports so that you can see the growth of your Azure Storage Accounts, the storage tiering your blobs are in, which Storage Accounts are the largest as well as many other reports and insights you can gather in to your Azure Storage.

SnapShot Master Tick

Visualise your Azure Blob and Azure File Storage Consumption

Explorer like view of your Azure Storage, including information of each individual Blob, Container, Storage Account and Subscription. 

Change the tiering of multiple Azure Blobs, delete the blob as well as gather the Azure Blobs properties all with just a right click.

There is a version of Cloud Storage Manager to suit every size of environment

Cloud Storage Manager FAQs

What is Cloud Storage Manager, and what does it do? 

Cloud Storage Manager is a tool that allows organizations to manage their Azure Blob and Azure File storage. It provides a map view and a tree view of all Azure storage locations, as well as several graphs to show storage growth over time. Cloud Storage Manager also offers reporting and search capabilities, so users can find information about their storage consumption and take action to reduce costs.

How does Cloud Storage Manager help reduce Azure storage costs?

Cloud Storage Manager helps reduce Azure storage costs by providing insights into where storage is being consumed. It offers a tree view of all Azure Blobs and Azure Files, allowing users to see details such as Blob size, creation date, and storage tiering. Using this information, users can identify which Blobs to move to a lower storage tier, which can result in cost savings. Cloud Storage Manager also offers reporting, so users can see the growth of specific storage accounts and the tiering of their Blobs.

Can Cloud Storage Manager search across all Azure Storage Accounts? 

 Yes, Cloud Storage Manager can search across all Azure Storage Accounts in an organization’s Azure tenancy. Users can search for specific Blobs or Files, and Cloud Storage Manager will search through each Storage Account to find them.

What kind of information can I find in the Cloud Storage Manager reports? 

Cloud Storage Manager offers many reports and insights into an organization’s Azure storage consumption. Some of the information you can find in the reports includes the growth of specific storage accounts, the tiering of Blobs, and the last time Blobs were accessed. Users can also see which Storage Accounts are the largest and identify areas where they can save money on storage costs.

What kind of actions can I take within Cloud Storage Manager’s explorer view? 

Within the explorer view of Cloud Storage Manager, users can perform various actions, such as changing the tiering of multiple Blobs, deleting Blobs, and gathering Blob properties with a right-click. Users can also see information about each individual Blob, Container, Storage Account, and Subscription.

Does Cloud Storage Manager require me to grant any special permissions to my Azure account? 

Yes, in order to use Cloud Storage Manager, you will need to grant it read-only access to your Azure account. This can be done using Azure’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature.

Is there a free trial available for Cloud Storage Manager? 

Yes, Cloud Storage Manager offers a free 14-day trial. You can sign up for the trial on by clicking one of the links below.



Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Maximum Azure Storage limited to 30TB.

Typically for small or personal environments usually consisting of 3 or less Azure Subscriptions and consuming under 30TB of Azure Blob Storage. 

Free Forever (until over 30TB)


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Maximum Azure Storage limited to 1PB

For medium sized environments typically consisting of less than 5 Azure Subscriptions.

12 Month License


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Unlimited Azure Storage.

For use in large environments typically consisting of more than 10 Subscriptions and consuming more than 1PB of Azure Blob Storage.

12 Month License

Cloud Storage Manager is licensed based on the size of your Azure Subscriptions, Azure Storage Accounts, Containers and finally each Blob. 

Each version has the same great functions including scheduled scans of your Azure Blob Storage and reporting.

Cloud Storage Manager

Gain insights into your Azure Storage.

Send download link to:

I confirm that I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement.