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Cloud Storage Manager Installation Guide

If you are looking to save money on your Azure storage, install Cloud Storage Manager and start gaining insights into your Azure Blob Storage and start saving money.

This guide is intended to assist you in the installation of Cloud Storage Manager.

Prerequisites required for successful installation and configuration

Prior to installing and configuring Cloud Storage Manager, make sure you have read and have all the prerequisites in place to ensure successful installation and configuration. 

Please visit the Prerequisites page here

Welcome to the Prerequisites Setup Wizard

If you have downloaded Cloud Storage Manager already, you are now free to start the installation. If you haven’t downloaded it as yet, click the FREE DOWNLOAD button above to download a free trial now.

First off double click the CSM.exe download file on the workstation/server you want to install it on. 

Cloud Storage Manager will now start the installation process with the prerequisites first. Click NEXT to continue.

Select prerequisites to be installed.

The Microsoft visual C++ redistributable will now be installed.

Click NEXT to continue.

Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?

Click YES to accept the installation of Microsoft redistributable.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Setup.

The MS Visual C++ will now install.

Welcome to the Cloud Storage Manager Setup Wizard.

Now the Cloud Storage Manager installation will start. 

Click on NEXT to continue the installation.

Read the SmiKar Software License Terms

Carefully read and if you agree with the licensing terms, choose the checkbox to accept the terms of the agreement and then click on NEXT.

Installation Folder Location

View where Cloud Storage Manager will install and then click on NEXT.

Begin installation of Cloud Storage Manager


The installation will now begin. Click on INSTALL to start the installation process.

Installation Process.

The installation of Cloud Storage Manager will now progress.

User Account Control.


You maybe prompted by Windows User Account Control to give permission to install Cloud Storage Manager. If so, click on YES to continue.

Cloud Storage Manager Setup.

Click close when Cloud Storage Manager has completed the installation, then view our next page on how to configure Cloud Storage Manager for your Azure Environment.


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Database size is limited to a maximum of 5MB.

Typically for small or personal environments usually consisting of 3 or less Azure Subscriptions and consuming under 30TB of Azure Blob Storage.


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Database size is limited to a maximum of 1GB.

For medium sized environments typically consisting of less than 10 Azure Subscriptions and consuming under 500TB of Azure Blob Storage.


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Unlimited database size.

For use in large environments typically consisting of more than 10 Subscriptions and consuming more than 1PB of Azure Blob Storage.

Cloud Storage Manager is licensed based on the size of it’s database which includes information of each of your Azure Subscriptions, Azure Storage Accounts, Containers and finally each Blob. 

Each version has the same great functions including scheduled scans of your Azure Storage and reporting.