SharePoint Storage Explorer (SSE) by SmiKar is a free tool designed to simplify the management and exploration of your SharePoint storage. With its intuitive interface, SSE allows you to navigate your SharePoint environment effortlessly and generate detailed storage reports, helping you optimise your storage usage without any cost.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Overview

Stop Wasting Storage Space in SharePoint Online

Free Tool to Analyze and Optimize your SharePoint Online Document Libraries

Welcome to SharePoint Storage Explorer – the pinnacle of SharePoint storage management tools. Designed for ultimate efficiency and tailored to suit businesses of every size, our tool reshapes the way you interact with your SharePoint environment. By merging sophisticated analytics with comprehensive reporting and an intuitive user interface,

SharePoint Storage Explorer not only simplifies your storage management tasks but also propels your organization towards maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. Embrace the power of advanced technology and make data-driven decisions that will positively impact your organization’s storage strategy.

Effortless Navigation

SharePoint Storage Explorer (SSE) provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through your SharePoint storage. Whether you need to locate specific files or understand your overall storage structure, SSE simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive Storage Reports

With SSE, you can generate detailed reports on your SharePoint storage usage. These reports offer valuable insights into how your storage is being utilised, helping you identify areas for optimisation and ensuring you make the most out of your SharePoint environment.

Cost-Free Management

One of the standout features of SSE is that it’s completely free to use. Despite being a powerful tool for managing SharePoint storage, there are no costs involved, making it an invaluable resource for organisations looking to efficiently manage their storage without incurring additional expenses.

SharePoint Storage Explorer

Gain insights in to your SharePoint Online Storage Consumption

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Comprehensive Storage Overview

Experience an unmatched level of visibility into your SharePoint storage, empowering you to manage it with confidence.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Leverage our extensive suite of reports and analytics for an in-depth understanding of your storage usage patterns and trends.

Enhanced File Management

Our intuitive file browser transforms file organization and management from a task into an experience.

Strategic Storage Optimization

Tackle large files and underutilized content strategically, optimizing your valuable storage space.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed, data-backed decisions that enhance your SharePoint strategy, powered by our detailed insights.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Doc Library View

The Microscope for Your SharePoint Online Storage Consumpton

The ‘Document Library View’ offers a microscopic look into the heart of SharePoint Online – its document libraries.

This feature enables you to delve into each library, revealing a world of details about storage usage, file composition, and user interaction.

It’s like having a powerful lens that brings the minutiae of your data to the forefront, enabling effective data management and pinpointing areas that need attention.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Main Windows

A Panoramic Storage Perspective

Our ‘Site View’ feature offers an expansive perspective of your SharePoint Online environment.

It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of a complex landscape, where every detail of storage consumption and user activity is made visible. Tailored for both administrators and IT professionals, this feature provides deep insights into site health, enabling proactive management.

Whether it’s identifying rapidly growing sites or understanding usage patterns, the Site View equips you with the data needed to make strategic decisions.

SharePoint Storage Explorer File Browser

Effortless Navigation and Management

The ‘Document Library File Browser’ is your efficient assistant in the complex world of SharePoint Online files. It transforms the often cumbersome task of file management into a seamless and intuitive experience.

With this feature, browsing, organizing, and modifying files become as simple as a few clicks. This not only enhances productivity but also ensures that file operations are straightforward and efficient, making it a favorite among users.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Main Windows

Top 100 Files: Focusing on the Big Players

Our ‘Top 100 Files’ feature is like a spotlight that focuses on the largest files in your SharePoint Online environment.

These files often consume disproportionate amounts of storage space, and identifying them is the first step in taking targeted action. This feature simplifies the task of managing these space-hungry files, whether through archiving, deletion, or relocation, thereby optimizing your overall storage usage.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Overview

Overview with File Type Breakdown: The Strategic Dashboard

The ‘Overview’ tab is your strategic dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of your SharePoint Online storage.

It breaks down file types, showing their total size and distribution in an easily digestible format. This macro view is essential for understanding the diversity of your stored data and serves as a foundation for developing informed storage strategies.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Scanning

Scans all your Documents

Our software features two levels of SharePoint scanning to tailor to your needs. The ‘Light Scan’ quickly assesses document sizes for a general overview of storage consumption, ideal for routine checks.

For a more detailed analysis, the ‘Deep Scan’ dives deeper, taking longer but providing highly accurate measurements and comprehensive insights.

This thorough scan is essential for optimizing storage management and enhancing your reporting capabilities. Both options are designed to help maintain an organized and efficient SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Reports

Reports: The Encyclopedia of Your SharePoint Data

Our comprehensive reporting suite is the encyclopedia of your SharePoint Online data. It’s a treasure trove of information, offering detailed reports that cover every facet of your SharePoint Online environment.

From site sizes to file counts, these reports are user-friendly, and designed to facilitate thorough analysis.

Whether you’re preparing for a board meeting or strategizing for the next quarter, these reports ensure you have all the necessary information for effective storage management.

SharePoint Storage Explorer Charts

Charts and Analytics: Your Data Storyteller

Our ‘Charts and Analytics’ feature turns raw data into a compelling visual story. With interactive charts that cover various aspects like ‘Top 10 Sites by Size’ and ‘Top 5 File Types by Storage Consumption,’ these analytics provide a clear and intuitive understanding of your storage landscape.

This feature is indispensable for data-driven decision-making, offering a visually engaging narrative of your SharePoint storage utilization.

SharePoint Storage Explorer

Gain insights in to your SharePoint Online Storage Consumption

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Is your SharePoint Online storage becoming a black box?

Maybe you’re facing challenges like:

Limited Visibility: Struggling to understand how much storage each site and document library is consuming?

Hidden Giants: Worried about large files hogging valuable space, but unsure where to find them?

Data Decisions Dilemma: Having difficulty making informed choices about archiving, deleting, or migrating content due to a lack of insights?

If these problems sound familiar, you’re not alone. SharePoint Online offers a powerful collaboration platform, but managing storage effectively can be a complex task.

This is where SharePoint Storage Explorer comes in! It’s a free tool designed to help you regain control of your SharePoint Online storage.

SharePoint Storage Explorer: Your Storage Management Solution

SharePoint Storage Explorer empowers you to:

Gain Detailed Insights: Get a comprehensive view of your storage usage, including breakdowns by site, document library, file type, and even individual files.

Identify Optimization Opportunities: Easily pinpoint areas for improvement, like large files or inactive content, allowing you to optimize your storage utilization.

Make Data-Driven Decisions: With deep insights at your fingertips, you can make informed choices about managing your SharePoint Online storage effectively.

Struggling to See What’s Taking Up Space?

SharePoint Storage Explorer offers two powerful features to shed light on your storage consumption

How does SharePoint Storage Explorer help in managing SharePoint storage?
Answer: Our tool provides detailed insights into your SharePoint storage usage, including the size of sites and document libraries, the largest files, and the distribution of file types. With these insights, you can make informed decisions about archiving, deleting, or relocating files, ultimately optimizing your storage utilization.
Is SharePoint Storage Explorer really free?
Answer: Yes, SharePoint Storage Explorer is completely free. We believe in providing powerful and accessible tools to enhance SharePoint management without any financial barriers.
What is SharePoint Storage Explorer?
Answer: SharePoint Storage Explorer is a free tool designed to help you manage and optimize your SharePoint storage. It offers comprehensive features like detailed site and document library views, file browsing capabilities, top file identification, and extensive reporting, all aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your SharePoint storage management.
Can SharePoint Storage Explorer handle large SharePoint environments?
Answer: Absolutely. SharePoint Storage Explorer is designed to scale and perform efficiently, whether you’re managing a small business SharePoint environment or a large enterprise setup.
Does SharePoint Storage Explorer provide reporting features?
Answer: Yes, SharePoint Storage Explorer offers a range of reporting features. You can access detailed reports on site sizes, document library sizes, file counts, inactive files by age bracket, and much more, all designed to offer comprehensive insights into your SharePoint storage.
How user-friendly is SharePoint Storage Explorer?
Answer: We’ve designed SharePoint Storage Explorer with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface allows easy navigation and management of SharePoint data, making it accessible for users with varying levels of SharePoint expertise.
Can SharePoint Storage Explorer help identify unused or old files?
Answer: Yes, one of the key features of SharePoint Storage Explorer is its ability to identify inactive files over a range of time periods, such as 30 to 365 days. This helps in managing and cleaning up old or unused files, thus optimizing storage space.
Is there any support or community for SharePoint Storage Explorer users?
Answer: Yes, we offer support for SharePoint Storage Explorer users. Additionally, there’s an active community of users where you can share tips, ask questions, and get advice on how to best use the tool.
How does SharePoint Storage Explorer ensure data security?
Answer: Data security is a top priority. SharePoint Storage Explorer operates with read-only access to analyze storage data, ensuring that your information remains secure and unaltered.
How do I get started with SharePoint Storage Explorer?
Answer: Getting started is easy! Simply download SharePoint Storage Explorer from our website. Follow the installation, and you’ll be ready to optimize your SharePoint storage in no time.

SharePoint Storage Explorer

Gain insights in to your SharePoint Online Storage Consumption

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