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SmiKar Software was founded with one thing in mind – creating tools that would make it easier to administer an ever growing, risk adverse, complex environment.

We pride ourselves on customer service and developing tools to help people manage their environment. We are constantly developing further tools to aid the Administrator.

We live by our motto, 
Tools designed with the Administrator in mind.

Extend SCCM Patch Management

  • Is Patch Management causing you stress?
  • Are you worried about the latest round of Microsoft Updates bringing new problems?
  • Having trouble scheduling your monthly deployment of Updates?

See How SnaPatch can help

Automate and Schedule a Snapshot of your virtual machines prior to the deployment of updates.

Why choose SnaPatch?

The perfect add-on to your SCCM patching process

Automate and schedule the deployment of Windows updates without manual intervention.

Automate and schedule  the snapshot of your virtual machines prior to deploying updates.

 Schedule the delivery and email patching reports for compliance and notifications.

Roll back your virtual machines should any Windows patch cause an issue,  quickly and easily.

SnapShot Master

  • Do you find managing your VMWare snapshots or Hyper-V checkpoints time consuming and frustrating?
  • Have trouble with datastores growing over time and not sure why?
  • Having slow VM performance?
  • Do you need to schedule the creation and then deletion of your VMware Snapshots / Hyper-V Checkpoints and now Azure Virtual Machines?

Then Snapshot Master is the tool for you.

Snapshot Master interfaces with both VMWare’s vCentre or Microsoft’s System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and now Microsoft Azure to give you information about your virtual machine snapshots/checkpoints.

View Snapshot information for your virtual environment, Schedule Snapshot creation or deletions, receive email notifications and more.


See our Azure Management Toolset

Our tools will make you an Expert in Azure in no time.

Microsoft Azure

Deploy your Azure environment quickly, easily and repeatably.

Azure Cloud

Migrate your Azure Virtual Machines from Azure Service Manager (ASM) to Azure Resource Manager without hassle.

Azure Scheduling

Schedule the power off, power on of your Azure Virtual Machines to save you time and money.

Azure Cloning

Clone your Azure Virtual Machines with just a few clicks.


Migrate your Azure VMs back to your VMware or Hyper-V Environment

Carbon Azure Migration Tool Loading Screen

Migrate from Cloud to on premise

Are your Azure costs rising out of control?

  • Are your Azure costs rising out of control?
  • Worried that you no longer have control of the hardware and are seeing too much downtime?
  • Is the latency too slow for your applications and end users?
  • Maybe your budget changed from being Opex back to Capex?
  • Do you have security concerns running your workloads in Azure? 

With Carbon you can easily migrate your Azure virtual machines to your on-premise environment quickly and easily.

Simply connect Carbon to your Azure Subscription, choose the VMs you want to migrate back from the cloud, connect to your virtual environment (either VMware or Hyper-v) and Carbon will automatically set up and replicate your VMs to your VMware or Hyper-V environment.

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