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We empower IT professionals with innovative solutions for mastering virtual and cloud environments across SharePoint Online, VMWare, Hyper-V, and Azure. Our tools streamline workflows, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency, ensuring reliability in managing your digital landscape. Explore our solutions today and transform your technology management.

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Introducing Squirrel

Our new automated Document Archiving SaaS Platform for Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Squirrel for SharePoint Online

Your SharePoint Document Archiving Solution

  • Transform Document Management: Squirrel, the premier automated archiving solution for SharePoint Online, streamlines how you manage documents. Simplify your document storage, reduce costs, and enhance security with our advanced, cloud-based technology.
  • Automate Compliance and Retention: Easily meet industry standards and legal requirements with automated retention policies, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks rather than manual document handling.
  • Seamless Integration and Accessibility: Squirrel moves documents to Azure Blob Storage based on custom lifecycle policies, ensuring that your data is secure yet accessible whenever needed.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime: Ensure that your team can access needed information from any location at any time, enhancing flexibility and productivity across your organization.
  • Optimize Your SharePoint Environment: Click here to discover how Squirrel can revolutionize your document management strategy and drive business efficiency.

Our Software Solutions for Modern Challenges

SharePoint Storage Explorer Main Windows

SharePoint Storage Explorer Icon Small SharePoint Storage Explorer

Streamline SharePoint Online management with SharePoint Storage Explorer.


  • Intuitive navigation
  • Smart file management
  • Powerful reporting
  • Enhanced storage strategy,
  • All for free.

Cloud Storage Manager Icon Small Cloud Storage Manager

Take control of your Azure storage with Cloud Storage Manager.

This tool offers;

  • Detailed insights in to your Azure Storage
  • Efficient management
  • Cost savings
  • Helping you optimize storage use and reduce overhead.
Cloud Storage Manager Main Window
Carbon Azure VM Details

Carbon Icon SmallCarbon

Carbon facilitates easy migration of Azure virtual machines to on-premise environments.

It automates migration to VMware or Hyper-V, streamlining the transition and minimizing downtime.

SnapShot Master Icon SmallSnapShot Master

SnapShot Master interfaces with VMware’s vCentre, Microsoft’s SCVMM, and Azure. 

SnapShot Master offers;

  • Snapshot management
  • Scheduled SnapShot Operations
  • Email alerting
  • Reporting
SnapShot Master Main Console Window

SmiKar was founded with one thing in mind – creating tools that would make it easier to administer an ever growing, risk adverse, complex environment. From VMWare to Hyper-V, On-Premise to Azure our tools are built with the premise of optimising and reducing cost and effort required to manage these technologies.

We pride ourselves on customer service and developing tools to help people manage their environment. We are constantly developing further tools to aid the Administrator.

We live by our motto, 
Unlocking Efficiency Through Intelligent Automation

Comparing Manual vs. Automated Archiving Processes in SharePoint Online

In today's digital age, efficient document management is crucial for organisations to maintain productivity, ensure compliance, and manage storage costs. SharePoint Online, a popular platform for document management, offers robust archiving capabilities to help...

SharePoint Online Document Library Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting for SharePoint Document Libraries In today's data-driven world, efficient document management is crucial for organizational success. Document library reporting helps track and analyze the usage, storage, and compliance of documents within...

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How to use SharePoint Powershell

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Mastering SharePoint Document Archiving

Conquer the Clutter In today’s digital age, businesses and organizations increasingly rely on SharePoint to manage their vast amounts of data and documents. However, this reliance often leads to an inevitable challenge: the overflow of document libraries. When left...

Azure Files vs SharePoint Online

In today's digital era, efficient data storage and management are paramount for businesses of all sizes. With a myriad of cloud storage solutions available, choosing the right one can be daunting. Two popular options, Azure Files and SharePoint Online, offer distinct...

Archiving and Compliance in SharePoint

Modernizing Document Archiving In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, managing extensive document volumes in SharePoint Online is a challenging task for any organization. As businesses expand, there is an increasing demand for efficient, cost-effective storage...

Master SharePoint Online Storage Consumption

Master SharePoint Online Storage Consumption with SmiKar's Free SharePoint Storage ExplorerUnderstanding SharePoint Online Storage Consumption SharePoint Online has become an essential tool for businesses, offering robust document management and collaboration...

Check the Size of SharePoint Storage

The Future of Document Archiving In today's fast-paced digital environment, managing large volumes of documents in SharePoint Online can be a daunting task for any organization. As businesses grow, so does the need for efficient, cost-effective storage solutions that...

Improving SharePoint Performance by Archiving Old Documents

Unlock the Full Potential of SharePoint with Squirrel Streamline Your SharePoint Document Management Experience the power of seamless archiving with Squirrel. Our cutting-edge solution revolutionizes SharePoint Online by automating document archiving, making it...
SharePoint Storage Explorer Icon

SharePoint Storage Explorer

Transform your SharePoint Online management with our ultimate tool. Effortlessly navigate and optimize storage with our intuitive interface and advanced analytics. Enjoy comprehensive reporting and streamlined efficiency, all for free

Cloud Storage Explorer Icon

Cloud Storage Manager

“Manage and monitor your Azure storage efficiently with Cloud Storage Manager. Our software helps you reduce costs by providing essential insights into your Azure Blob Storage and Azure Files usage, enabling informed decisions to optimize cloud storage.

Carbon Icon


Effortlessly migrate your virtual machines from Azure to your on-premise environment with Carbon. With just a few clicks, transfer and convert Azure VMs to VMware or Hyper-V. Embrace easy automation and bid farewell to manual migrations with Carbon.

SnapShot Master Icon

SnapShot Master

Automate snapshot creation and deletion effortlessly with SnapShot Master. Manage multiple virtual machines with ease, and transition from manual snapshots to seamless automation. Simplify your workflow with SnapShot Master.

Azure VM Cloner Icon

Azure VM Cloner

Simplify VM migrations within Azure with Azure VM Cloner. Easily clone your Azure VMs or create clones for use as snapshots during patching or upgrades. Eliminate migration headaches and embrace effortless cloning with Azure VM Cloner.

SnaPatch Icon


Minimize risks and save time with SnaPatch. Automate snapshots of your virtual servers, ensuring patches are only deployed by SCCM after successful snapshots. Enhance your server updates with secure and automated patching using SnaPatch.

Azure VM Scheduler Icon

Azure VM Scheduler

Optimize your Azure costs with the Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler. Automate power ons and offs according to your schedule to avoid unnecessary expenses. Our software connects to your Azure subscriptions, provides detailed VM information, and sends email notifications about actions taken.

Azure VM Remover Icon

Azure VM Remover

Simplify the removal of virtual machines in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with Azure VM Remover. Our tool makes it easy to delete all traces of your VMs, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process. Plus, Azure VM Remover is completely free. 

Azure VM Deployer Icon

Azure VM Deployer

Deploy virtual machines to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud effortlessly with Azure VM Deployer. Just a few clicks, and our free tool handles the rest, saving you time and effort. Click the link to learn more about how Azure VM Deployer simplifies deployment at no cost.

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SmiKar: Empowering IT Mastery

At SmiKar, we empower IT professionals to master their virtual and cloud environments with ease. Founded with the vision of making complex technology simpler, we deliver innovative solutions that automate and optimize operations across SharePoint, VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Azure platforms. Our suite of tools is designed to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and minimize risk, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, managing virtual machines, or automating data centers, our products streamline your workflow and improve reliability. At SmiKar, we’re more than just software providers—we’re your partners in technology management, dedicated to your success. Explore our solutions today and transform the way you manage your digital landscape.

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