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SnaPatch – Videos

Installation Video

Watch this video to learn how to Install SnaPatch 2.0.

Configuration Video

In the below video, we show you how you can configure SnaPatch 2.0.

You will require the following

  1. A service account for SnaPatch that has Administrator access to local computer accounts and SCCM.
  2. (NOTE: The SCCM account has to have logged at least once on to the console)
  3. Your vCentre and / or your Microsoft’s System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) server details
  4. An account with Administrator access to VMWare vCentre and / or Microsoft’s SCVMM
  5. Your Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) Server details
  6. Your SCCM SQL database, details and account with access
  7. Your email (SMTP) server details and account if needed
  8. Finally, a license key for SnaPatch