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SmiKar Software - About Us.

SmiKar Software - About Us

SmiKar Software was founded with one thing in mind – creating tools that would make it easier to administer an ever growing, risk adverse, complex environment.

We have been in the IT industry for over 30 years and have worked for leading and large IT companies, so we’ve seen first hand how hard system administrators work. We created SnaPatch (which is pronounced “snap-patch”) to make it easier, and with less risk for administrators to patch and manage their windows fleet. We have personally witnessed on a number of occasions where a server was patched, only to then have it cause problems for the application it was running on. Trying to resolve these issues is always a major headache, and typically ends up meaning the server has to be restored from backups, or worse, spending many weeks reinstalling and re-configuring the application!

This gave us the inspiration to develop something that would remove that risk, be simple to setup and use, and not cost a fortune. SmiKar Software was born, and with it came the creation and development of SnaPatch. A quick and easy rollback of windows update to make the Administrator’s life easier is what we set out to achieve and accomplish. Further more, running our labs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, we came up with the Azure Virtual Machine Deployer to make our and your life easier. It has never been easier to deploy Virtual Machines to the Azure cloud, than with our free too, AVMD.

We are an 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on customer service and developing tools to help people manage their environment. We are constantly developing further tools, to aid the Administrator, as we live by our motto, Tools designed with the Administrator in mind. Lets make Administration EASY!

Feel free to contact us to discuss any aspect of what we offer or our software.