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Our Software Products

Tools designed to automate, manage, save you both time and money, for your VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure environments.

The following software products have been developed by SmiKar Software.

Before downloading any of our products, make sure you read and agree with our EULA (End User License Agreement)


Move your Azure VMs back to Vmware / Hyper-V 

Do you need to migrate your Virtual Machines from Azure back to either your VMware or Hyper-V environment?

Easily this with a few clicks, Carbon will transfer and then convert your Azure virtual machines to your on-premise environment.

Click this link to learn more about Carbon

Patch Management Software Add on for Microsoft's SCCM

Patching servers is always a risk. You want to reduce the vulnerability risk to your environment, but also find deploying the updates risky too?

Well SnaPatch can help. SnaPatch is the perfect addon software for your SCCM patching regime. SnaPatch allows you to automate a snapshot of your virtual servers, and only if that was successful will it allow SCCM to deploy patches.

Click this link to learn more about SnaPatch

Save money on your Azure Storage costs.

Want to Know Why Your Azure Blob Storage or Azure Files costs have increased?

Azure storage can be seen like the Universe,,constantly expanding without any known limit.

Compare this to your on-premise infrastructure where if a drive filled up would require the deletion or archiving of files, or even the procurement of new hardware to facilitate the data growth, Microsoft’s Azure doesn’t seemingly have this limitation.

Click this link to learn more about Cloud Storage Manager.

Master your Virtual environment snapshots

Do you find that you need to schedule the creation of new Snapshots?

What about scheduling the deletion of a Snapshot?

Have the need to perform these functions and more to multiple virtual machines?

You can do all this and more with SnapShot Master.

SnapShot Master connects to your Hyper-V or Vmware environment and provides you with all the snapshot or checkpoint details. You can automate new snapshot creation, snapshot deletion, select and delete or create snapshots of multiple servers and more.

Click this link to learn more about SnapShot Master.

Schedule Azure VM power on and off.

Do you need to power off and on your Virtual Machines within Microsoft Azure?

Find that you are paying for services while they are not being utilised?

Have the need to schedule shutdowns and power ups to save costs?

The Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler can do all this for you. It will connect to all your Azure Subscriptions, display information about your virtual machines and finally, schedule automated power ons and offs and then notify you via email of the result.

Click this link to learn more about Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler.

Clone your Azure VMs

Do you need to migrate your VMs within Azure from Azure Service Manager to Azure Resource Manager?

Maybe you need to clone one of your Azure VMs fast and easy?

Perhaps you need to create a clone of your VM (to be used like a snapshot) while you patch or upgrade components of your server and avoid the risky upgrade?

If you answered YES to any of these, then the Azure VM Cloner (AVMC) is the tool for you.

Click this link to learn more about Azure Virtual Machine Cloner.

Easily Deploy new Azure VMs with a few clicks

Deploy Virtual Machines to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud (IAAS) with ease with our free tool.

Click this link to learn more about Azure VM Deployer

The Azure VM Deployer is completely FREE.

Remove all traces of your Azure VMs.

Removal of Virtual Machines in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud (IAAS) can be messy. Easily remove all traces of your VMs with our free tool.

Click this link to learn more about Azure VM Remover

The Azure VM Remover is completely FREE.