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Azure VM Remover

Azure VM Remover.

Deleting a virtual machine in Azure is a really easy process, however, all the components that make up the virtual machine are left behind.

Things like the OS disk, data disks, network security groups, boot diagnostics, public IP and network interface.

You are then left to run a cleanup process of finding and deleting these items, or more often than not, they end up getting left behind!

Azure Virtual Machine Remover automates the process of deleting and cleaning out all the additional components.


Scan you Azure Subscription for VMs.

The Azure VM Remover will first log in to your Azure Subscription and Scan for all your Azure Virtual Machines.


Azure Vm Remover Splash Screen


Select the Azure VMs

From this Window, you simply select any Azure VMs you wish to delete.

From here you can see the Azure Datacentre Location, Azure Subscription, Azure Resource Group and lastly the Azure VM Size.

Azure VM Remover VM Selection


List all the components of the Azure VMs

The next Window, will lists all the components the Azure VM Remover has found of the Azure VMs you selected to delete.

 From the Virtual Machine itself, to its OS and other disks, VM Network Card, any security groups tied to the VM and Public IP if there was one.

When ready to proceed click Delete all Resources.

Azure VM Remover Resource List

List all the components of the Azure VMs

Once you clicked on Delete all Resources on the previous screen, the Azure VM Remover will go through each one of those components on the Azure VMs you selected to delete.

Azure VM Remover Finished

Thats all there is to it. Easily removes and deletes your virtual machine within Azure.

Download Azure VM Remover today

Azure VM Remover is completely free.


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