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cloud calc

Azure, AWS and GCP Storage Cost Calculator

Navigating Cloud Storage Costs Use our Cost Calculator to compare your cloud storage costs across the major vendors The rapid advancement of cloud storage technology has revolutionized how businesses and individuals store and access data. ...

blob growth

Azure Storage Account Growth Reports

Azure Storage Growth How to Effectively Manage and Optimize Your Data In today’s fast-paced digital world, data is the lifeblood of businesses. As organizations generate more data than ever before, managing and storing that data ...

blob costings

5 Cost-Effective Tips for Azure Blob Storage.

5 Tips to streamline your Azure Blob Storage Costs Azure Blob Storage is a popular cloud storage solution that is both scalable and cost-effective. However, as organizations store more and more data, their storage costs ...

azure storage budgets

How to Control Your Azure Storage Costs with Budgets

If you’re using Azure Storage for your cloud infrastructure, it’s essential to control your storage costs to ensure that you’re operating efficiently and cost-effectively. In this article, we’ll explore the key strategies for controlling your ...

azure tools

5 Azure Storage Cost Management Tools You Should Know

Are you using Azure Storage services for your business or organization? Managing Azure Storage costs can be a challenging task for many businesses. Luckily, there are several tools available that can help you manage your ...

RA GRS Azure

What is Azure Read-Access Geo-Redundant Storage?

As cloud storage becomes more popular, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their data storage solutions. One of the most popular cloud storage solutions is Azure Read-Access Geo-Redundant Storage, or RA-GRS. In this ...

azure local redundant storage

What is Azure Zone Redundant Storage?

When it comes to storing data in the cloud, ensuring high availability and durability is of utmost importance. Azure Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) is a feature offered by Microsoft Azure that provides local and geographic ...

local redundant storage

What is Azure Locally Redundant Storage?

As more and more companies move their data to the cloud, the importance of data redundancy cannot be overstated. Losing data can be catastrophic, so having multiple copies of your data in different locations is ...

azure storage consumption

90 things about Azure Storage you may not know

90 things you may not know about Azure Storage Azure Storage is a cloud-based storage solution that provides secure, scalable, and highly available storage for your data. It is a crucial component of Microsoft’s Azure ...