How to schedule the deployment of Azure VMs

If you need to schedule the regular deployment of your Azure VMs, you can do this easily with one of our Azure tools, AVMD (Azure VM Deployer). With the Azure VM deployer you can deploy single and multiple Virtual Machines quickly, easily and repeatably.

AVMD is completely free, you can download it from here and start using it right away.

Hopefully you have AVMD all setup and an azure admin account with the appropriate permissions to your Azure tenant to start the scheduled deployment of your Azure VMs.

  1. Open up Azure VM Deployer and let is synchronise with your Azure environment.Schedule Azure VM Deployment

  2. Once AVMD has scanned the environment we can now stop populating your server requirements for deployment to Azure.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Selection
    You can now start filling out all the settings to deploy your VMs to your Azure subscription.
    Provide a Name for your Virtual Server
    Choose the Servers Operating System
    Azure Subscription
    Azure Availability Zone Location
    Azure Resource Group
    Choose the Azure Virtual Machine size
    Provide a local Administrator account and password
    Join the VM automatically a domain (You will need an account with Domain Join Permissions)
    Which Azure Storage account you wish to deploy the VM to
    Any additional disks you want to add to the VM during deployment
    The Azure vNet and Subnet
    Further additional options if you want VM diagnostics, Azure Log Analytics, a Basic NSG, Public IP, Azure Resource Tags and finally if you want to shutdown the VM post deployment.Click Add to queue when you have filled out all the Azure VM details and it will populate these settings to the Deployment Queue.

  3. For any additional VMs, keep filling out the details and add them to the queue too. If the servers are all the same type and settings you just need to update the server name before adding them to the deployment queue.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Server

  4. Now when you have added all the Virtual Machines you wish to deploy to Azure you are now ready to start deployment, but you may want to just confirm that your VM settings are correct. Simply right click the blue icon next to each Virtual Machine in the Deployment Queue and choose settings
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Server Overview 2Confirm the settings are all correct for each VM
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Server Overview Details

  5. Now lets start the deployment of your Azure Virtual Machines. Click the DEPLOY button in the bottom left hand corner and you are now presented with the options to deploy right now or schedule the VM deployment of your Azure VMs.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Now
  6. In this example we will schedule the deployment of the Azure VMs, so click on schedule, then on OK to start the schedule creation.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment 3

  7. We are now prompted to create the schedule to deploy your Azure Virtual Machines, click on New.Schedule Azure VM Deployment New

  8. Simply put in the date and time you wish for your Azure VMs to deploy at then click OK. (You can set to schedule this once off, or a reoccurring daily, weekly or monthly schedule.)
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Trigger

  9. Confirm that the date and time you want to schedule the VMs for deployment to your Azure subscription is correct.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Trigger 2

  10. Click on OK in the scheduler window and the deployment task is now confirmed.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment confirmed

  11. My scheduled deployment has now kicked off and we can see in my Azure Portal that the machines are now deploying.
    Schedule Azure VM Deployment Creation

  12. If you had set up your email alerts, you will receive an email letting you know that your VMs have now deployed to Azure.Schedule Azure VM Deployment Finished Email

  13. After some time your Azure Virtual Machines should have now deployed. As seen in the Azure Portal I can see that our Azure VMs are up and running, in the correct resource group, Azure Subscription and Azure Location.Schedule Azure VM Deployment Complete


Dont forget that the Azure VM Deployer is completely free and one of our Azure Management Tools.

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