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sharepoint online governance

Governance Best Practices in SharePoint Online Environments

Key Takeaway Description Governance Framework A balance of flexibility and control, essential for effective, secure, and compliant use of SharePoint Online. Stakeholder Engagement Involving users, IT staff, and decision-makers in governance planning ensures comprehensive and ...

sharepoint licensing

Understanding SharePoint Online Licensing and Pricing

Introduction to SharePoint Online Section Key Takeaways Introduction to SharePoint Online SharePoint Online is a cloud-based platform by Microsoft designed for collaboration, file sharing, and content management, accessible anywhere. Benefits of Using SharePoint Online Offers ...

sharepoint online rbac

Understanding Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in SharePoint Online

Key Takeaways Table Key Takeaways Description RBAC Simplifies Access Management By assigning permissions to roles rather than individuals, RBAC streamlines the management of user access in SharePoint Online. Principle of Least Privilege Assigning users only ...

Mastering SharePoint Online Ebook

Mastering SharePoint Online

Introduction to SharePoint Online Discover the powerful capabilities of SharePoint Online, a cornerstone for modern collaboration and document management. Our free eBook, “Mastering SharePoint Online,” offers a deep dive into maximizing productivity and collaboration within ...

azure blob vs sharepoint online

SharePoint vs Azure Blob Storage Cost Calculator

Deciphering Data Storage Costs SharePoint vs Azure Blob Storage Key Takeaways SharePoint Azure Blob Storage Primary Use Collaboration, document management, intranet sites Scalable cloud storage for unstructured data Pricing Model Per user subscription model Based ...

sharepoint and power automate

Automating Business Processes with SharePoint and Power Automate

Key Point Takeaway Ease of Use No coding required for creating workflows. Integration Extensive integration with Microsoft 365 apps. Process Types Suitable for a wide range of process automations. Security Robust security and compliance features. ...

optimise sharepoint online

Optimizing SharePoint Online Performance

Unlocking SharePoint Online Efficiency A Guide to Enhanced SharePoint Online Performance

confluence vs sharepoint

Confluence vs SharePoint

Choosing the Right Collaboration Tool for Your Team In the modern workplace, the ability to collaborate effectively and manage knowledge efficiently is paramount. Two giants stand out in the realm of collaboration tools: Confluence, by ...

sharepoint document libraries

How to get SharePoint Online Library Size

Understanding SharePoint Online Library Size Key Takeaways: SharePoint Online document libraries can hold up to 30 million items. Individual file size limit is 250 GB. Efficient library management using SharePoint Storage Explorer. Importance of structured ...

SharePoint Online Workflow Infographic

Mastering Workflow Automation in SharePoint Online

Navigating Challenges and Harnessing Best Practices in SharePoint Workflow Automation The integration of workflow automation in SharePoint Online marks a significant evolution in business process management. With the emergence of tools like Power Automate, SharePoint ...