Schedule a Hyper-V Checkpoint

Microsoft HyperV Blog

 How to Schedule a Hyper-V Checkpoint. Before I show you how to use SnapShot Master to create and schedule a Hyper-V checkpoint I will briefly describe what a checkpoint is. What is a Hyper-V Checkpoint? Hyper-V Checkpoints are a quick and easy way to provide a previous point in time in which you can revert your virtual machine to. Checkpoints are a great feature to…

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VMWare – Reverting a Virtual Machine Snapshot

VMWare Blog

VMWare – Reverting Snapshots If you ever need to revert a snapshot of a virtual server, what is the process that occurs. Well, reverting snapshots immediately activates the parent snapshot of the current state of the virtual machine. The current disk and memory states are discarded and restored as they were when you took that snapshot. If your parent snapshot was taken when the…

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