SnapShot Master

Snapshot Master – Now Available, Version 2.0 – Be the Master of your Snapshots

SnapShot Master Splash

Do you find managing your VMWare snapshots or Hyper-V checkpoints time consuming and frustrating? Have trouble with datastores growing over time and not sure why? Having slow VM performance? Then Snapshot Master is the tool for you.

Snapshot Master interfaces with both VMWare’s vCentre or Microsoft’s System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to give you information about your virtual machine snapshots/checkpoints. View Snapshot information for your virtual environment, Schedule Snapshot creation or deletions, receive email notifications and more.

Download now and request a fully functioning 30 day trial of SnapShot Master today.

A brief overview of the functions of Snapshot Master are;

Servers & Snapshots Window

View the number of snapshots / checkpoints per server

Snapshot Master Manage Snapshots

Schedule or Execute now the Creation or Deletion of a snapshot / checkpoint (single or multiple Virtual Machines)
Snapshot Master Create Snapshots

Schedule or Execute now the powering servers on or off (single or multiple Virtual Machines)
SnapShot Master Power Off

Schedule or Execute now a restart or shutdown of virtual servers (single or multiple Virtual Machines)
Snapshot Master Restart

Select to Quiesce the guest file system, Snapshot the virtual machine memory, and if you require, to auto delete the snapshot after a given amount of time.

SnapShot Master Auto Delete

Schedule or Execute now the reverting snapshots / checkpoints (single or multiple Virtual Machines)
Snapshot Master Revert Snapshot

Receive Email notifications of job status
SnapShot Master Email Notification

Connect to a virtual machine by Remote Desktop or Remote Powershell or even Computer Management
SnapShot Master Remote

Reports Window

Within the Reports Window, you can Schedule or Execute now virtual machine detailed reports (single or multiple Virtual Machines)
SnapShot Master Reports

Jobs Window

In the Jobs Window you can see Active and Scheduled jobs as well as the history of jobs SnapShot Master has completed.
SnapShot Master Jobs

Settings Window

General Settings

On General Settings you can specify a timeout limit, whether you want Synchronous or Asynchronous tasks and the maximum wait time between tasks.

SnapShot Master General Settings


Notification Settings

Here you set your Notifications settings choosing whether or not to receive email notifications of job status.

SnapShot Master Notifications

Hypervisor Settings

The Hypervisor settings tab is where you input information on your VMWare vCentre Servers and or you Microsoft System Centre Virtual Machine Manger Server (SCVMM).

SnapShot Master Hypervisor

Email Settings

On the Email Settings tab you can verify your email server and recipient email addresses.

Snapshot Master Email Settings

Registration Tab

You can view your SnapShot Master license key on the registration tab.

SnapShot Master Registration

About Tab

View the version and Sales and Support information for SnapShot Master on the About Tab.

SnapShot Master Version

Take hold back of your virtual environment now. Use SnapShot Master and Lets make Administration Easy.