How to snapshot multiple VM servers with SnapShot Master

The need arises at times for the creation or deletion of snapshots of multiple VMs in unison. Creating snapshots of multiple VMs (virtual servers) for VMware’s Vsphere or even for Microsoft’s HyperV with SnapShot Master is a relatively easy task. Hopefully you have installed and are running SnapShot Master in your environment, if not, you can download and request a 30 Day trial key and try it out for yourself.

SnapShot Master Splash

SnapShot Master can do this synchronously or asynchronously. This can keep systems that need to be in sync, have snapshots taken at the same time, or one after the other. To learn more about the functions of SnapShot Master, click this link.

SnapShot Master Console – Snapshot Multiple VMs

Open you SnapShot Master console and let it synchronise with your Vmware or HyperV environment. Depending on your virtual environment, this may take some time.

SnapShot Master Home Screen

Virtual Machines Populated.

Now that the console has populated, Tick the checkboxes of the corresponding virtual machines that you wish a snapshot to be performed for.

Snapshot multiple vms

Virtual Machine Selection

Once you have selected the multiple VMs for a snapshot, right click on any VM and scroll down the drop down menu to Selected VMs then across to Take Snapshot.

Schedule Multiple VM snapshots


Snapshot Name

Next you are required to give the job a Name and Description. Click OK when ready.

Schedule HyperV Checkpoint Name

Execute or Schedule Job

You are now prompted to either Execute Now or Schedule Job. If you choose to execute now, the job will start to immediately snapshot multiple VMs. To schedule the snapshot for a later time, choose Schedule Job.

SnapShot Master Snapshot Schedule

Schedule Time

We now need to create a schedule for when you wish the snapshots to be performed. Click on New in the scheduling window and set the Date and Time then close the Windows.

Snapshot multiple vmware

SnapShot Master Notifications

So thats all there is to it. You have chosen the virtual machines that require a snapshot, set your snapshot schedule and SnapShot Master will complete all this. If you have setup email notifications, you will receive emails detailing success and any failures.

Snapshot Email Notification

Taking a snaphot multiple VMs has never been easier than with SnapShot Master. To learn what else SnapShot Master can do, other than snapshot multiple VMs, click this link.

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