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Configuration Manager 1606 Hotfix KB3180992

Configuration Manager 1606 Hotfix KB3180992

A new update for your System Centre Configuration Manager has been released, which will bring your SCCM environment to build 5.00.8412.1204.

This update fixes the following issues identified with SCCM;

When you select the Update all clients in the hierarchy using production client option on the Client Upgrade tab of Hierarchy Settings Properties, an exception occurs. The exception details resemble the following:

ConfigMgr Error Object:
instance of SMS_ExtendedStatus
Description = “Failed to save current auto-update configuration”
ErrorCode = 2147500037
3174008 Software update installation freezes on System Center Configuration Manager clients
The Production and Preproduction Client Deployment dashboards show inaccurate client counts.
The Device Compliance section of the Software Center application may incorrectly show a state of Compliant. This affects only the user interface and not the actual compliance state of the device.
After you upgrade a site to version 1606, the Service Connection Point incorrectly shows an error state that indicates the role is not available. If the Service Connection Point is already showing this error state, the following additional steps are required after you install this update:
Change the Availability State registry value from 1 to 4 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Microsoft-SMS-Operations Management-SMS Server Role-SMS Dmp Connector.
Restart the SMS Executive service on the site server.
The SMS Agent Host “ccmexec.exe” process consumes excessive CPU resources on Pull Distribution Points after you update to version 1606.
When you distribute a software update package that contains many updates (500 or more) to a Pull Distribution Point, the SMS Agent Host process “ccmexec.exe”) stops responding. On examination, the ccmexec.exe thread count, as seen through Task Manager or other tools, shows that approximately 512 threads that are used.

To install this update, go to Administration, then expand Cloud Services and highlight Updates and Servicing.

SCCM 1606 Update 1

In the main console Window, you should now see the SCCM 1606 Hotfix has downloaded and is available for deployment.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 2

Highlight the update (KB3180992), Right Click then Run Prerequisite Pack. This will now check that your SCCM meets the prerequisites for this update.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 3

This may take some time, so be patient and be sure to refresh the console to make sure the prerequisite check has been successful.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 4

Now that the prerequisite check has completed, highlight the update once again, right click and choose Install Update Pack

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 5

Next you are presented with the Configuration Manager Updates Wizard. Click on Next to start the installation.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 6

On the Client Update Options Tab, you have the chance to validate the client update on your preproduction SCCM members. In this example, I am upgrading without validation.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 7

Click Next to continue.

Accept the License Terms and click Next.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 8

Review you are happy with the options you have selected on the Summary Tab, then click Next.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 9

Installation of the SCCM 1606 Update 1 will now occur. If all goes well, you should see the Completion Window as below. SCCM will install this in the background, so it may take some time. Keep refreshing the Window, to see when KB3180992 shows a status of installed.

SCCM 1606 Update 1 - 10

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