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Configuration Manager did not find a site to manage this client.

config manager lost

In our Lab we had an issue where during Windows Update deployments as it seemed some clients were not getting their updates. Looking through various logs, we eventually checked the Configuration Manager applet on each of the clients and found they didnt belong to a client site.

SCCM Client Site


First thing that came to mind, was that there is an issue with a boundary. As this was a recently new implementation of SCCM 2012 in the lab, I logged on to the Configuration Manager server, and opened the SCCM Console.

Go to Administration, Hierarchy Configuration, then Boundary Groups.

SCCM Boundary Groups


Looking at the Boundary Groups, there was never one setup. A slight mistake if we must say! 🙂

To set up a Boundary Group, right click in the blank area of the console and choose Create Boundary Group

SCCM Boundary Groups 2

From here, you will need to fill in the appropriate details of your Boundaries, and assign them the correlating distribution point and site code.

Give the Boundary Group a Name, and assign the appropriate Boundary.

SCCM Boundary Groups 3


Go to the References tab.

Now assign the correct Site System Server for this boundary and choose the Assigned Site.

SCCM Boundary Groups 4


Repeat theses steps for each boundary and DP that you require.

You should now be able to go back to your client machines, and try another site discovery. If all is well you should get the following prompt.

SCCM Client Site 2





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