The Top Azure blogs we follow

As Microsoft is forever releasing new functionality within Azure and all its offerings its often hard to keep abreast of the latest changes in technology.

To do so, we here at SmiKar Software often follow influential and knowledgeable people that are experts in the their fields, to keep up to date ourselves. In no particular order, here are some of the noteworthy Azure Blogs that we follow. 

They all help us understand and keep up to date with Azure and technology in general, hopefully they can do the same for you too.

Where to get the best Microsoft Azure News

Build 5 Nines

Founded by Chris Pietschmann  in 2015 (originally as with a focus on Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V, VMware and Citrix content. Articles are written by both Chris and Dan Patrick which are both Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP) and their blog provides great weekly content with over 11,000 subscribers.

Robert Smit MVP Blog

Robert Smit’s has over 20 years experience and is another Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) in both Clusterings and Cloud and Datacentre. His blog provides great insight in to Azure with lots of relevant how to guides. 

Rebel Admin

Dishan Francis’s provides a comprehensive blog that is over 7 years old. His blog is not just about Microsoft Azure but also on Azure Active Directory. His blogs are very informative and often go quite in to technical detail.

Why Azure

Aavisek Choudhury works for Unisys as a Lead Azure Cloud Platform Architect. He has been working with Microsoft technologies since 2000 and his blog provides his knowledge and insights in to Azure.

Microsoft’s own Azure Blog

Now any blog list for Azure cant be complete without Microsoft’s own blog on Azure. Great site to quickly find information on Azure new services and updates. 

Christiaan Brinkhoff 

Christiaan has a great blog primarily focused on Virtual Desktop technology where he gives his views and knowledge on everything Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. 

Techie Lass

Sarah Lean works for Microsoft and while her blog is fairly new, she provides a great blog to follow on Azure and Microsoft Teams. Her expertise inst just in those but also her career has been focused on Microsoft Exchange, SCCM and Patch Management.

Ryan Mangan’s IT blog

Ryan Mangan is the Chief Technology Officer at Systech IT Solutions and is passionate about End User Computing. His blogs are a great guide for Azure and Virtual Desktop information. 

Tech KB

Michael Coutanche’s blog is focuesd on Azure, Hyper-V, System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and Remote Desktop Services with great informative articles and how to guides.

Practical 365

Practical 365 is a joint effort from Steve Goodman and Paul Robichaux, who both happen to be Microsoft Most Valued Professionals.Their blog provides information on Azure, Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint and more.

Modern Workplace Blog

Kenneth van Surksum is a senior consultant at Insight24 (and yet another Microsoft Most Valued Professional) and his blog provides information on Azure and Office 365 solutions as well as System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Intune.

Managing Cloud and Datacentre

Tao Yang is another great blogger and also yet again another Microsoft Most Valued Professional who in his blogs shares his thoughts about Azure and Office 365 technologies.

Azure and Beyond

Thomas Janet’s check has over 15 years experience in both on premises and cloud infrastructure solutions. His great blog provides his thoughts on Azure and cloud based technologies. He is also another Microsoft Most Valued Professional.

I am the IT Geek

Shabaz Darr writes a great blog called I am IT Geek (Aren’t we all at heart).  His blog delves in to his experiences with technology, especially Microsoft Azure and Teams.

Daniel’s Tech Blog

Daniel Neumann is a mutli time Microsoft Most Valued Professional. His blogs are a great source of information on Azure, with a good focus on Kubernetes.

Jamie Maguire’s Blog

Jamie has been in the software industry for years and worked mainly with Microsoft .Net. We find his blogs a great source for coding and Azure in general. Jamie is another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

Azure Centric

Another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Marcos Nogueira’s blog Azure Centric is just that. A great informative blog that provides you with great how to guides on the setup of various Azure Services.

Thomas Thorton

Thomas Thorton is highly accredited in Microsfot Azure technologies. His blog has a heavy devops focus and has insightful information on deploying services in Microsoft Azure.

Sams Learn Azure

Sam Smith is also hold accreditation as an Azure Architect and Azure Developer / Devops. His blogs go in to great detail around his coding passion and of course Azure.

Pixel Robots

Richard Hooper (yes, another Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) provides a blog on Azure as well as great study guides to help you get certified.

These are the Top Cloud Blogs that we follow

Hopefully you agree. If you know of any Azure blogs or even Microsoft Blogs that we should know of or even if you are new Azure Blogger yourself, please contact us and we would be happy to review the site, and add it to the list.