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How to search for an Azure Blob

Search for Azure Blobs

How do you search for an Azure Blob, Storage Account or even a Container?

Simply open up Cloud Storage Manager, then go to the FILE and then SEARCH.

Now the Search window will open up in Cloud Storage Manager.

Choose the category of the item you want searched for, either an Azure Storage Account, Container, or a Blob can be searched.

Type in the name of what you want to search for in the SEARCH box and then finally choose if you want an Exact Match, Starts with, Ends with or Contains, then press Search.

In this example I am going to search for a Blob that contains the following characters, 23748029402. (Alphanumeric or Numeric or a combination of these can be searched)

Cloud Storage Manager has searched through its own internal database to find the Blobs that contain the text I typed in the search box. 

We can see here that there are two Azure Blobs that contain that text.

You also have the option to export the search results directly to CSV.

Now that Cloud Storage Manager has returned the results, you can see the locations where that Blob resides. 

Simply highlight the Blob you require and you have the option to either Jump to the Storage Account, the Container or directly to the Blob itself.

As I had chosen the option to Jump directly to the Azure Blob, you can see that the Blob highlighted does in fact contain the text I searched for.

If you want to search through all your Azure Storage Accounts, give Cloud Storage Manager a try. 

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