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How to get the size of all your Azure Storage Accounts

Investigate Azure Storage Accounts

Do you really ever know how much Azure Storage you are consuming or how many Azure Storage Blobs you have in each of your Storage Accounts?

Azure Blob Storage is an online cloud service for storing data in blobs. It provides fast access to large amounts of data at low cost. This article shows you how to monitor and control your Azure Blob Storage usage.

Perhaps you just need an overview of your Azure Storage Account Consumption, including things like the number of Blobs per storage account, Number of Containers, and the Azure Blob Storage Capacity used.

All this information is quite easy to gather from one of the several reports available in Cloud Storage Manager.

So how do I gather all this information about my Azure Storage?

Scan all your Azure Storage Accounts

Hopefully you have installed and run a full environment scan of all your Azure Subscriptions with Cloud Storage Manager

(If you havent, download and test it for yourself with a free trial)

Once you have run an environment scan, go to the Reports Tab in Cloud Storage Manager.

Azure Storage Reports Tab

Azure Storage Usage Reports

Now that you are in the Reports Tab, you can see all the various reports you can run to gather information and insights in to your Azure Storage Consumption

For this Blog post, we are focusing on the size of all of your Azure Subscriptions, Storage Accounts, the number of containers, Blobs and their capacity

Azure Storage Consumption Reports

The fastest way to get an Overview of your Azure Storage Consumption is to run the Environment Overview report.

Simply highlight the report, then right click and choose Run Report

Azure Storage Usage Overview

When you run the Azure Reports, you are presented with a screen showing the details about your Azure Storage.

As can bee seen in the adjacent screenshot, this report provides you with high level details about your Azure Storage Usage by Subscription, including the number of Containers, the number of Blobs and finally the Azure Storage Capacity used in each subscription. 

You can export this information to CSV if you wish and perform further analysis in Excel.

Now what if you require further analysis of your Azure Blob Storage consumption?

Azure Storage Analysis

Now that you have a good overview of the amount of Azure Storage you are consuming, another good report to run for further insights is Storage Consumed per Region.

This report will show you the total amount of storage consumed per Azure Region.

Highlight that report in Cloud Storage Manager and choose Run  Report.

Azure Storage Regions

As you can see in the screen shown, here is a list of each Azure Regions and the amount of Azure Blob Storage you are consuming there. 

As usual, you can export this to Excel for further analysis.

Unattached Azure Virtual Machines disks.​

Another great report to run is All Unattached Disks.

This report will find and show you all the Azure Virtual Machine disks that are not associated with any Azure VM. These disks are costing you money as they arent being used by any Virtual Machines, sitting there dormant and not being used.

Again, Highlight that report and choose Run Report.

See Azure VM disks that are not associated.

As seen in the screenshot here, all these Azure Disks are not associated with any Azure Virtual Machine. 

Yet again you can export this information to excel so that you can investigate further.

Download a FREE trial of Cloud Storage Manager today and start saving money, and understanding your Azure Storage Growth and Consumption.


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Database size is limited to a maximum of 5MB.

Typically for small or personal environments usually consisting of 3 or less Azure Subscriptions and consuming under 30TB of Azure Blob Storage. 


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Database size is limited to a maximum of 1GB.

For medium sized environments typically consisting of less than 10 Azure Subscriptions and consuming under 500TB of Azure Blob Storage.


Cloud Storage Manager Icon

Unlimited database size.

For use in large environments typically consisting of more than 10 Subscriptions and consuming more than 1PB of Azure Blob Storage.

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