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Snapshot before Patching

Snapshot before patching.

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If you still need to comply with SOX compliance and patch your virtual machines as quickly as possible, or perhaps a risk adverse Change Approval Board that makes you just through hoops to be able to deploy those monthly Microsoft Updates, well SnaPatch is here to help.


Reduce your Patching Risk

So how can SnaPatch help I hear you ask?

Well SnaPatch interacts with your Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager environment to pull in all your machine information. It uses SCCM as the source of truth for all your VM information.

Next it interfaces with either (or even both if you are lucky enough to have them both) your vCentre and / or System Centre Virtual Machine Manger (or SCVMM for short). It takes control of your VM environment (well not all of it, it just needs the ability to create and delete snapshots of your VMs).


How to Snapshot before deploying Patches.

So, how does this all work then?

SnaPatch will deploy your monthly Windows Updates to your environment and if your any of your servers or workstations are virtual machines, it will create a snapshot at first before allowing the VM to be patched. If the snapshot for a VM is not successful then it will not receive those updates and simply be removed from the patching schedule.

Once you setup and configure SnaPatch all of this can be done automatically. You will receive email updates throughout the snapshot and patching processes informing you of what was successful and what was not.

Quite simply, SnaPatch allows you to have more time back and to remove the risk of not patching your environment by automating a snapshot before patching.

SnaPatch Deployment Overview

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