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SCCM Clients re-evaluate software updates

SCCM – Change the time for a client to re-evaluate software updates

SCCM Schedule Updates
By default, within SCCM, the client evaluation settings for available software updates is set to 7 days. If machines have issues with an update deployment, they wont check again for available updates until the next 7 days has passed.
To change this setting to become more frequent and have your client machines check in more frequently, create a custom device setting and deploy this to your devices.
  1. In your SCCM Management console, go to Administration then to Client Settings
  2. “Create Custom Device Setting”
  3. Give a descriptive name ie “Software Update Reevaluation Daily”
  4. Check the box on the right for “software updates”
  5. now select Software Updates.
  6. Change  the setting “Software Deployment Re Evaluation” from every 7 days to every 1 days – Change this setting to however long you would like it to be.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Right-click and deploy this to whatever collection of machines you wish. ie “All Systems, All Workstations etc”

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