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SnaPatch – Key Features

SnaPatch Key Features

SnaPatch Key Features

The following items are some of the key features of our Patch Management Software, SnaPatch.

View collections and members

SnaPatch reads and lists all the collections within SCCM. It also shows you the members of each collection.

Easy to set up and configure

SnaPatch has been designed with one thing in mind, keeping it simple and easy. Be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

View patching compliance

Quickly see the patching compliance for each individual server. It shows you the break down of how many patches are missing, and what those missing patches consist of (i.e. critical, rollups, service packs, etc.)

Easily differentiate between physical and virtual machines

The main window of SnaPatch allows you to very easily differentiate which machine is physical and which is virtual.

Create Software Update Groups

Select the updates you wish to deploy and create a Software Update Group without needing to use the Configuration Manager console.

Take a snapshot of a virtual server before deploying any patches

Take a snapshot of the servers you’ve selected to patch before any patches are installed.

View detailed information for every update

Search and filter updates based on operating system and classification. Also view detailed information for every update, such as article ID, hotfix link and whether or not it’s been deployed, superseded or expired.

Search for a server and lists its memberships

Searching for a server or computer will return a list of all the collections that machine is a member of.

The dashboard keeps you up to date on every task

Launch the dashboard to see what’s happening at that very moment. Instantly know what task is being run on each server.

Set a schedule to perform all the tasks

Select the servers you want to patch and set a schedule. The system will then go off and snapshot the servers and deploy the patches you’ve selected all according the schedule.

Create a maintenance window

Set a maintenance window as part of the schedule to determine when the patches can be installed.

Easily manage scheduled jobs

The scheduled jobs window allows you to manage all your jobs. Start, stop, delete and see which servers are part of a scheduled job.

Deploy patches to both physical and virtual servers

SnaPatch allows you to deploy updates not only to virtual servers but also to physical. Of course however you don’t have the option to snapshot physical servers before deploying updates.

Get email notifications to keep you informed

Select optional email notifications to keep you informed every step of the way. You can set it to email you when a job starts, when snapshots have been completed and when patching is completed – along with the outcome of the installation.

Keep track of and automatically delete snapshots

Enabling this option lets you determine how long snapshots should be retained before they are automatically deleted.

Receive emails before snapshots are deleted

Receive an email a set number of days before any snapshot is deleted. This way you will know well ahead of time before any snapshot is deleted.

Exclude servers from the snapshot auto-delete policy

If you have sensitive servers that you want to exclude from the snapshot auto-delete policy you can easily do that too.

Include virtual machine memory as part of the snapshot

Choosing to include the VM memory as part of the snapshot will increase the time it takes to perform the snapshot but also allows you to return to active (running) point in time. This is optional as it is not always necessary to return to a previously running instance.

Scan for desktops and laptops as well as servers

The system allows you to include desktops and laptops as part of the scan. You may view detailed information for every device in your environment – including make, model, serial number, operating system and patching compliance.

Create computer groups

Create your own computer groups to re-use and deploy patches quickly.

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