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Save Money running a Development and Test environment in Microsoft Azure (Azure DevOps)

Azure Cloud Save Money

Having the ability to be quickly scale up and down is one of the major benefits of running your Development and Test environments within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. It truly creates an Agile Environment for developers which are no longer confined to on premise infrastructure constraints.

But this all comes at a cost. As Microsoft bill by the minute for each virtual machine you run within their Cloud offering how do you quickly reduce your monthly OPEX cost? Well you need to shutdown, deallocate and power back on those virtual machines when they arent needed. The problem with automating this in Azure is that to do this requires an in-depth knowledge of powershell and the setup of complex Azure runbooks.

Well we have developed an easy to use and cheap tool for this reason. The Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler will shutdown, then deallocate the Virtual Machines (shutting them down alone will not stop you from being billed), then power them back on, all to a schedule that you specify. It will also email you throughout the process of any successes or failures.

Feel free to trial it for yourself. Download now and request a free 30 day trial and start saving money with your DevOps (Development and Test environments) within Azure.

 Also, checkout our full suite of Azure Management tools, designed especially for DevOps.

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