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AVMS – How to schedule shutdown in Azure without Powershell

How to schedule shutdown in Azure without Powershell

No need to learn Powershell, the Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler (AVMS for short) will schedule shutdowns and power on’s of your virtual machines within Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Using AVMS to schedule this is quite easy, simply install and run the AVMS tool.

Let AVMS synchronise with your Microsoft Azure subscription. Depending on how many virtual machines you have in Azure, this may take some time.

Azure Scheduler Console Screen

Schedule Shutdown or Power On’s in Azure

Once AVMS has synchronised, click the Virtual Machines Icon which will detail all of your Azure Virtual Machines.


Azure VMS Create new schedule

Select the Virtual Machines you wish to power off or on. Make sure that you check the checkboxes of the correct virtual machines, when you have all the machines you want to shutdown or power on, right click and choose Create New Schedule.

Now you will need to give the schedule a name, select job type from the drop down box (either Startup or Shutdown the virtual machines) and a description of the job to make easier identification at a later date. Click on OK when ready.

Azure VM Power On Schedule 2

You will now need to create a new schedule for the action you selected above. Click OK to continue.

Azure Power on Schedule

In the scheduling window, click NEW to create a schedule.

Azure Power on Schedule 4

Choose a date and time for this schedule to run. When you are happy with your choices, click on OK

Azure Power on Schedule 3

Jobs Window

Click OK again on the Scheduling Window to finalise the schedule and the task you selected will complete according to the schedule you have set.

You can view the status of your schedule by choosing the JOBS icon in the Azure Virtual Machine Scheduling tool console.

Azure VM Scheduler Jobs Icon

The jobs window under Scheduled Jobs, details the task name, schedule name as well as the description and time it is to run as well as last run.

AVMS Jobs Window. 2JPG

You can also view the History which will detail your the virtual machines within Azure, the status of the job you created, when the schedule started and completed as well as the job type (shutdown or power on of you Azure Virtual Machines)

AVMS Jobs Window

Email Alerts

You will also receive Email Alerts when the job starts then finishes, also detailing the virtual machines you have selected and their status.

Azure VM Schedule Email

Download the Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler and try it for yourself. There is a free full functioning 30 day trial available now.

Reduce costs and effort and schedule shutdowns and power on’s of your Azure Virtual Machines without Powershell.