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How much


are you actually consuming?

storage in azure

With Cloud Storage Manager you can quickly scan your entire Azure Blob Storage Environment, to see valuable insights in to the usage of Azure Blob Storage.

See at a glance the largest Storage Accounts you have in Azure and much more.

Search through your Azure Tenants for Azure Blobs, Storage Accounts, Containers and Subscriptions.

Quickly Identify and change the tiering of your Azure Blobs residing in your Storage Accounts. 

See just how much Azure Blob Storage you are consuming across your entire Azure Subscription.

Get intelligent reporting on the Growth and even more insights of your Azure Blob Storage

With CLOUD STORAGE MANAGER you can do all this and more

One client saved over $24,000 a year in Azure Storage costs just by simply running one of Cloud Storage Manager’s numerous reports.

See how much

you really consuming  by clicking the button above and downloading a FREE trial of Cloud Storage Manager today.

Start gaining insights to help manage your Storage in Azure consumption today.

Cloud Storage Manager

Gain insights into your Azure Storage.

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How much will you save using Cloud Storage Manager?

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