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SnaPatch Version History

Version 1.00.0
[Feature] Initial version

Version 1.00.3
[Bug Fix] Using Windows Authentication for SQL caused random errors

Version 1.01.0
[Feature] Ability to add comments/notes for servers
[Feature] Added test function to ensure connectivity to vCenter servers
[Feature] Added option to connect to up to 5 vCenter servers

Version 1.02.5
[Feature] Additional notification settings
[Feature] Ability to show installed and missing updates for individual servers
[Feature] Expanded log file reporting
[Feature] Added extra menu options to main screen
[Feature] Added option to exclude servers from the snapshot auto-delete policy
[Feature] Added section to add notes or a job description
[Feature] Colour coded updates to make it easier to find various update classes (ie. critical, service pack, etc.)
[Bug Fix] Sorting and then searching for an update caused an error

Version 1.03.1
[Feature] Added extra details to the server information panel
[Bug Fix] System now notifies if it fails to communicate with the SCCM server
[Bug Fix] Prevents running jobs from being able to be deleted, abort option only
[Bug Fix] Prevent special/invalid characters from being entered into job names to avoid errors

Version 1.04.0
[Feature] Added option to clear all selected servers from the target list
[Feature] Ability to create favourite computer groups
[Feature] Option to use and modify favourite computer groups
[Feature] Greater ability to manage scheduled jobs
[Feature] Selecting to use an existing update group now shows additional information
[Feature] Ability to search for a server within the tasks window
[Feature] Notification email now colour codes failed servers in red
[Bug Fix] Fixed refresh issue which may arise between when a job ends and the dashboard refreshes
[Bug Fix] Ensures SCCM update group does not already exist before it attempts to create one

Version 1.04.2
[Feature] Added extra images for physical servers
[Feature] Added/modified icons for various running and failed jobs
[Feature] Added option to run a scheduled job on
[Bug Fix] Right clicking on a scheduled job would not select that job

Version 1.05.3
[Feature] Right click windows update to see more details

[Feature] Right click a scheduled job to get more information
[Bug Fix] Windows 2012R2 and very large Windows Updates list would cause a “system out of memory” crash.

Version 2.0

[Feature] New version release with added functionality, now including Microsoft’s HyperV Host management

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